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Susan Cischke

Susan M. Cischke
Group Vice President, Sustainability, Environment & Safety Engineering
Ford Motor Company
"Approach to Sustainability on a Global Scale" 



Anil Deolalikar

Anil Deolalikar, Professor of Economics; Associate Dean, College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences; Director, Center for Sustainable Suburban Development; Co-Director, One Health Center, UCR, spoke on "The Role of Public Policy in a Sustainable Environment."



Workshop audience


Michael Allen



Michael Allen
Professor and Chair, Plant Pathology and Microbiology, UCR
"Climate Change: What We Don't Know Can't Hurt Us?"







Ty Schuiling



Ty Schuiling
Director, Planning and Programming
San Bernardino Associated Governments
"Transportation: The Road More Traveled" 






Pamela Clute



Pamela Clute
Executive Director, Alpha Center, UCR, spoke on "K – 12 Education – Preparing the Next Generation for Sustainable Living.”














Sustainability audience


William A. Jury

William A. Jury
Distinguished Professor of Environmental Sciences Emeritus, UCR
"Water and Sustainability" 


Joseph M. Norbeck



Joseph M. Norbeck
Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering;
Director, Environmental Research Institute, UCR
"The Potential for Alternative, Sustainable Energy"



Bart Croes



Bart Croes
Chief of the Research Division
California Air Resources Board
"The Next 20 Years in Air Quality and Climate Change"





Sustainability Panel

(Left to right), Thomas O. Baldwin, Dean, College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences; Reza Abbaschian, Dean, Bourns College of Engineering; Anil Deolalikar, Associate Dean, College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences; and Charles Louis, Vice Chancellor of Research, discuss "Implementing Sustainability Strategies at UCR."