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Radisson Hotel
San Bernardino, CA.
January 27, 2006



Smog, traffic and similar issues cross Southern California political boundaries and demand regional solutions.

Increasingly, suburbs and cities are developing ways to craft partnerships to build infrastructure, spur economic development and develop environmental, social and educations programs.

These partnerships are not new governments, but new modes of governance.

David WarrenEdward J. BlakelyAli Sahabi

David Warren, Edward J. Blakely and Ali Sahabi

In January 2006, the Edward J. Blakely Center for Sustainable Suburban Development , the Inland Empire District Council of the Urban Land Institute and Caltrans hosted a one-day conference focusing on collaborative approaches that proved effective for suburban areas.

The conference opened with remarks from David Warren, the Center's director; Ali Sahabi, Chairman of SE Corporation and the Center's founding donor; and Edward J. Blakely, the Center's namesake.

Panel presentations highlighting transportation, land use and regional collaborations at the national, California, and Southern California levels were headed by Robert E. Lang, director of the Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech; Edward J. Blakely, who heads the planning program at the University of Sydney; and Mark Pisano, executive director of the Southern California Association of Governments.

Phil Angelides, California State Treasurer and 2006 candidate for California Governor, was featured as the luncheon speaker. The conference featured speakers from around the country, describing successful regional initiatives in their areas.

Also discussed was involvement of private-sector groups in regional initiatives, and general issues that arose as regional planning efforts reached the implementation stage.


The New Collaborative Region: Suburbs and Cities Working on the Future


Panel 1:
Transportation, Land Use and Regional Collaboration: National Experiences


Robert Lang - Transcript

Robert Yaro - Transcript - Slide Presentation

Robert Grow - Transcript - Slide Presentation

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Conference audience

Panel 2:
Transportation, Land Use and Regional Collaboration: California Experiences

Edward J. Blakely - Transcript

Doug Henton - Transcript - Slide Presentation

Jesse Brown - Transcript - Slide Presentation

Mike McKeever - Transcript - Slide Presentation


Phil Angelides

Panel 3:
Transportation, Land Use and Regional Collaboration: So. California Experiences


Mark Pisano - Transcript - Summary Remarks

Tridib Banerjee - Transcript - Slide Presentation

Rick Bishop - Transcript - Slide Presentation

Stan Oftelie - Transcript