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New Urbanism

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New Urbanism refers to a form of smart growth development that integrates diverse and compatible land uses such as shopping and housing in a pedestrian friendly environment.

This approach reduces the need for automobile usage and arguably impacts individual choices regarding commuting and other daily travel.

This project will draw on New Urbanism concepts and theories to work with residents in two economically challenged neighborhoods of Riverside to produce walkability plans that focus on improving public health through planning and urban design.

Specifically, these New Urbanism walkability plans will focus on attracting usable public transit, wider sidewalks and other infrastructure, traffic calming measures to encourage walking, bike lanes to improve bicycle safety, and local investment to integrate businesses into neighborhoods.

Walkability plans will also take a broader perspective on the community - analyzing issues such as land use, public safety, parks and open space and the type and design of housing - with the intent to use policy to create catalysts for a healthy community. The goal of the project is to offer walkability plans that facilitate people to change their behavior.  

Center for Sustainable Suburban Development College of Engineering - Center for Environmental Research & Technology Riverside County Department of Health