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#14-01 - Health Care Needs and Access Among Warehouse Workers in Southern California


#13-04 - Under-paid & Temporary: Key Survey Findings on Warehouse Workers in the Inland Valley

#13-03 - Measuring Uncertainty in Population Forecasts Made Using the Hamilton-Perry Method:

#13-02 -Exploring Stable Population Concepts from the Perspective of Cohort Change Ratios: Estimating Time to Stability and Intrinsic r (This expanded paper replaces an earlier version entitled, "Exploring Stable Population Concepts from the Perspective of Cohort Change Ratios.")

#13-01 - The Accuracy of the Hamilton-Perry Method for Forecasting State Populations by Age 


#12-01 - Multi dimensional Error Measures for Ex Post Facto Forecast and Estimation Evaluations


#11-05 -The Costs of Conducting a National Census: Rationale for Re-Designing Current Census Methodology in Canada and the United States

#11-04 - On Estimating a De Facto Population and Its Components

#11-03 - Is the Economic Crisis a Crisis for Social Justice Activism? (Reprint)

#11-02 - On The Ratio-Correlation Regression Method

#11-01 - Demography: A Four-Field View


#10-07 - CEMAF as a Census Method: A Proposal for a Re-Designed Census and a Re-Designed U.S. Census Bureau*

#10-06 - The Hope of New Urbanism: Energy Conservation and Sustainability through Urban Design - Appendices

#10-05 - Urban Design, Environmental Consciousness, and Sustainable Communities: Can New Urbanism Reduce Driving in Auto Friendly Los Angeles?

#10-04 - Teaching Environmentalism: Mindfulness, Activism, and Student Performance

#10-03 - Information and Communications Technologies: A Bibliography (Excel spreadsheet) Spreadsheet Explanations

#10-02 - MAPE-R: A Rescaled Measure of Accuracy for Cross-Sectional Forecasts

#10-01 - Disappearing Hispanics? The Case of Los Angeles County, California, 1990-2000.


#09-07 - Schools By Design: Finding Solutions to School "Walkability" in the Coachella Valley Region of Southern California

#09-06 - The Latino/a Population in Los Angeles County: An Exploratory Demographic Analysis

#09-05 - A Demographic Profile of Collin County, Texas

#09-04 - Curbside Parking Time Limits

#09-03 - Estimating the Foreign-Born: An Evaluation of Methods and Data

#09-02 - The Methods and Materials Used to Generate Two Key Elements of the Housing Unit Method of Population Estimation: Vacancy Rates (VR) and Persons Per Household (PPH)

#09-01 - The Wired World: Rethinking the Environment in a Digital Age


#08-09 - Housing, Sprawl, and the Use of Development Impact Fees: The Case of the Inland Empire

#08-08 - Socio-Economic Status and Life Expectancy in the
United States, 1970-1990

#08-07 - Socio-Economic Status and Life Expectancy in California, 1970-1990

#08-06 - Estimating the Foreign-Born: An Annotated Bibliography and Glossary

#08-05 - Teaching Business Demography Using Case Studies

#08-04 - New Directions in the Development of Annual Population Data
in the United States?

#08-03 - An Evaluation of Persons Per Household (PPH) Data Generated
By the American Community Survey: A Demographic Perspective

#08-02 - The Socio-Demographic and Environmental Effects of Katrina:
An Impact Analysis Perspective.

#08-01 - Population Estimation: An Annotated Bibliography and Glossary


#07-01 - Financial Options From Regulating Real Estate for Habitat Conservation