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LA-Plan: Virtual Co-Laboratory for Policy Anbalysis in the Greater L.A. Region>>

This multi-year project is funded through the University of California’s Multi-campus Research Program and Initiative (MRPI). LA-Plan seeks to develop a virtual (online) co-laboratory, aimed at revolutionizing spatial policy analysis for the Greater Los Angeles Region by making it possible for metropolitan planning organizations (MPO’s) and for urban, public policy, and environmental experts from the University of California system to collaborate productively using a best-practice microeconomic simulation model. 

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New Urbanism in Action: Creating Walkability Plans for Riverside Neighborhoods>>

The project is funded by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and awarded to the Riverside County Transportation Commission(RCTC). UC Riverside Researchers from the Center for Sustainable Suburban Development and the Bourns College of Engineering - Center for Environmental Research and Technology are partnering with RCTC, the Riverside County Department of Public Health and the City of Riverside to develop walkability plans for the Ramona and Arlington neighborhoods of Riverside. 

Warehouse Panel

Understanding Goods Movement in Southern California


This project seeks to provide a context for public dialog to generate a better understanding of the impact of goods movement on Inland Southern California. The triplex that enables this logistics revolution - containerization, intermodality, and information networks - is conceptual as well as functional. Our project conceptualizes the logistics industry in terms of the movement of goods in containers from ships anchored in the Long Beach Harbor-Port of Los Angeles complex onto some succession of freight trucks and rail cars, and through a series of warehouses to destinations across the country. It consists of three deeply-integrated ways of containing the issue:

• Interdisciplinary, community-based research on the actual economic, socio-political, and environmental effects of moving goods through a highly populated, ethnically and environmentally diverse, and congested region. Related papers:

Health Care Needs and Access Among Warehouse Workers in Southern California

Under-paid & Temporary: Key Survey Findngs on Warehouse Workers in the Inland Valley 

• Participant observation to enable investigators, collaborators, and student researchers to connect with people who depend on or are affected by the logistics industry, and lend credibility to their efforts to share their work and findings with communities in Inland Southern California;

• Use of the intermodal freight container as conceptual platform for thinking about contemporary goods movement.

Events so far:

• Public screening of the documentary film The Forgotten Space by Allan Sekula and Noel Burch, followed by a panel discussion on the photographic and filmic artwork of Allan Sekula and the contemporary issues related to the global supply chain. Thursday, December 5, 7-10pm.

• Seminar co-sponsored with UCR’s Center for Sustainable Suburban Development and Labor Studies Program on the socio-economic effects of warehousing in Inland Southern California: “Warehouse Work: Road to the Middle Class or to Economic Insecurity?" (Feb. 27, 2014)  

Schoolhouse Art

Schools By Design>>

This project, involving CSSD, the California Department of Transportation - District 8, and Coachella Valley Association of Governments, was formed from a concern that there is no adequate planning for the location of schools where children may be safe from the dangers of the traffic grid, and enjoy the exercise and camaraderie of traveling to class.