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Affordable Housing: A Shortage Crisis

February 18, 2015

The issue addressed at the seminar was the shortage of affordable housing in the state and the Inland Region. The issue was well framed by the quotes below from a special report published by Joel Kotkin with Wendell Cox.

“Nothing speaks to the nature of the American future more than housing.  If we fail to adequately house the current and future generations, we will be shortchanging our people, and creating the basis for growing impoverishment and poor social outcomes across the country.”

“Perhaps nowhere is the housing crisis more evident than in the nations most populous state, California.  Why this has occurred has been widely debated.  Some ascribe it to the state’s greater economic performance, others to natural land constraints and still others to population pressures.  Although all these factors have played a role the largest factors have been policy choices that have driven up land and housing prices, as well as rents, to unsustainable levels.” 

(America’s Emerging Housing Crisis by Joel Kotkin with Wendell Cox)

The seminar’s moderator, Steve PonTell, framed the issue and presented seven policy solutions offered by Kotkin to address the affordable housing shortage in California.

PonTell then moderated a panel discussion of the policy recommendations, with the panelists being San Bernardino County Supervisor, Janice Rutherford, and planning consultant and former Planning Director for the City of Riverside, Ken Gutierrez.

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