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Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway

March 20, 2014
Jon Harrison and Patricia Lock-Dawson

The Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway is the region’s longest recreational trail and parkway. When complete, the 110-mile trail and bikeway corridor will extend from Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

The trail and parkway offers hikers, equestrians, runners, bikers, tri-athletes, geocachers, birdwatchers and families unparalleled recreational opportunities not found elsewhere in Southern California. The trail and parkway is also used extensively by bicycle commuters as a way to escape crowded freeways and roadways.

Patricia Lock-Dawson (right) and Jon Harrison, who have spent years helping make the trail and parkway a reality, shared how this recreational gem was developed, how it is maintained, future expansion plans and what the trail means from an economic and recreational perspective to the 14 incorporated cities through which it passes.

Ms. Lock-Dawson is the Principal of PLD Consulting and the Principal Consultant for the Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway Partnership. Mr. Harrison is a councilmember of the City of Redlands, a Senior Consultant and Project Manager with Esri, and a member of the Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway Policy Advisory Committee.

The trail and parkway was developed through the cooperative efforts of park districts, counties, cities, nonprofits and average citizens interested in creating recreational opportunities in the region. The trail winds its way through Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange counties.  

Ms. Lock-Dawson's Slide Presentation (pdf)

Mr. Harrison's Slide Presentation (pdf)

Seminar Audio (mp3)