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Regional Grand Bargain

December 10, 2014

Video: "Regional Cooperation the Key to Sustainable Suburban Development"

William Dodge presented his arguments on the value of creating regional compacts as a means and structure for collaborating across local jurisdictions to accomplish common goals.

Dodge has assisted community leaders and citizens to foster regional cooperation and build successful regional communities over the past three decades. 

Bill helps individuals, organizations, and communities to build their capacities to address the tough regional challenges, such as safeguarding against natural and manmade threats, overcoming intercommunity fiscal, economic, and ethnic disparities, and shaping sustainable regional growth.  He authors a column, Regional Excellence, which is shared in various publications and on national websites. Bill is currently writing a new book on the key components of effective regional charters, including becoming excellent regional citizens, connecting regional decision-making networks, and negotiating regional cooperative growth compacts. 

As Executive Director of the National Association of Regional Councils, Bill offered assistance on the latest regional tools and techniques and shared information on emerging regional developments with regional councils of governments and other public, private, academic, and civic regional organizations.  He brought regional leaders and their organizations together, in annual Regional Summits, to help advance a National Regional Agenda and guided the preparation of the first National State of the Regions report.  He also represented the interests of regional councils before the U. S. Congress and federal agencies.

Earlier, Bill held senior management positions in local, state and national government and directed private, academic, and civic organizations.  Bill recently served as the Interim Town Administrator for Silverton, Colorado, guiding the preparation of the annual budget and pursuing key infrastructure and recreation improvements.

Bill has been a visiting professor in graduate schools of public affairs and administration.  He co-authored Shaping a Region's Future:  A Guide to Strategic Decision Making for Regions, a manual to guide regional strategic planning processes, and wrote Regional Excellence: Governing Together to Compete Globally and Flourish Locally, a book to guide explorations of regional decision making.

Bill holds bachelor’s and master's degrees in civil engineering (Cornell University), a master's degree in foreign affairs and economics (University of Virginia), and a certificate in urban and regional planning (Harvard University/Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Bill is active nationally as a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration.  He is the recipient of the Don Stone Intergovernmental Cooperation Award of the American Society of Public Administration.  He has been active in Southwestern Colorado as a board member of the Mountain Studies Institute and the San Juan 2000 Development Association.