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Walk Riverside: Community Based Planning for Sustainable Lifestyles

April 9, 2015

Topic: Promoting walkability in local communities via a presentation of the results of the recent walkability project (Walk Riverside) conducted in collaboration with the City of Riverside. 

Theme: "Walkability of the centerpiece of the affordable and equitable ground transportation. Walkable communities provide well-maintained sidewalks, paths and other means of physical access to a sufficiently diverse set of places that people can fulfill their daily and weekly needs within a 15-minute walk from home. They facilitate social interaction and physical fitness, improve local economies and reduce crime, and support overall wellness and sustainability."
        --from the Executive Summary of "Walk Riverside-New Urbanism in Action"

Video: "The Path to a Sustainable California"

Media Coverage:

Walk Riverside Results to be Presented April 9 (UCR Today)

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