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Two California Cities: Emerge from Bankruptcy: Lessons Learned; What Lies Ahead?

December 3, 2015

Dinar Seminar

The fiscal stress on California cities has forced some into bankruptcy and others to the brink. Locally, thh city of San Bernadino is emerging form it's recent bankruptcy, but continues to face issues the city will need to address and resolve on it's road to recovery. What happens when a city is forced into bankruptcy? What issues and challenges must be faced and resolved? How have two prominent California cities dealt with bankruptcy and how have they dealt with these issues? What lessons have been learned by Therese cities as they faced these challenges to successfully emerge from bankruptcy? The city mangers of Vallejo and Stockton will share their cities' experience s and lessons learned on their roads to recovery, as well as, the ongoing challenges they continue to deal with as they move forward.

Daniel Keen's Slide Presentation (PDF)

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