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Resistance, Resilience, Reclamation, Revolution
—Racial Justice, Human Rights and Climate Change

May 11, 2016

Kelly Frederocks Seminar

Environmental and climate injustices result when we have an economic system predicated on a profit driven focus achieved through exploitation and extraction with a pervasive disregard for human and civil rights. Besides the direct impacts of toxic exposures to the communities that are host to polluting facilities, there is also the effect on the climate which, through disaster, sea level rise, and shifts and agricultural yields, also disproportionately effects communities of color and low income communities. The impacts of environmental and climate injustice are far reaching, including compromising health, economic wellbeing, and educational outcomes, as well as displacement, cultural erosion, criminalization, and political disenfranchisement. This talk presents ideas for effecting a radical transformation from extracting, polluting, and dominating policies and practices to regenerative, cooperative systems that uplift all rights for all people while preserving the environment upon which we all rely for our existence.

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