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Infrastructure Among Other Challenges for California's Future

October 26th, 2017

California has been described as the place “where the future arrives first," but the state is struggling with enormous problems – infrastructure needs, housing, education, healthcare – and a way to finance solutions. The list seems endless.

The Center is pleased to welcome Dan Walters as our Randall Lewis Seminar speaker. Dan is widely acknowledged as an expert on state government and the individuals who wield power inside the Capitol.

Join us to hear one of California’s – and the nation’s – preeminent observers of California’s government and the challenges that face it.


Dan Walters has been a journalist for nearly 60 years, spending all but a few of those years working for California newspapers. At one point in his career, at age 22, he was the nation’s youngest daily newspaper editor.

He joined The Sacramento Union’s Capitol bureau in 1975, just as Jerry Brown began his governorship, and later became the Union’s Capitol bureau chief. In 1981, Mr. Walters began writing the state’s only daily newspaper column devoted to California political, economic and social events.

In 1984, he and the column moved to The Sacramento Bee and in 2017, Mr. Walters and his column shifted to CALmatters.org, a non-profit organization devoted to California public policy issues. He has written more than 9,000 articles and his column appears in dozens of California newspapers. Mr. Walters has written about California and its politics for a number of other publications, including The Wall Street Journal, and in 1986, his book, “The New California: Facing the 21st Century,” was published in its first edition. The book later underwent revisions and became a widely used college textbook about socioeconomic and political trends in the state.

He is also the founding editor of the “California Political Almanac” and the coauthor of “The Third House: Lobbyists, Money and Power in Sacramento,” published by the University of California. Mr. Walters frequently appears on CNN, Fox, and other networks, commenting about political developments in California.